Google Adsense how it works and How to make money with Google AdSense


Google AdSense is one of the most famous and lucrative advertising programs on the internet and is a great way to start earning our first income online. As we know, Google is the most powerful search engine on the internet today, and its search service allows us to earn money by placing its text ads and banners on our blogs and websites.

How to Make Money with Google Adsense:

As in this blog, I like to talk about how to make money with Google (YouTube, Blogger, micro-niches, etc) today we are going to focus on its advertising program: Google Adsense. What makes the Google Adsense advertising program interesting is that the ads shown on our sites are related to their content.

Why make money with Google AdSense? Very simple:

– It is easy to join your program. So simple, that you only need to register and obtain the code to display your ads.

– Easy to install on your website. In fact, there is nothing to install. You just have to copy and paste the code of the ads and that’s it.

– It does not require any additional work. You don’t need to go looking for advertisers. Google does all the hard work for you and you just need to have ad space on your website or blog.

– Relevant ads. You don’t need to manually choose the ads that best suit your content. Google does that automatically.

– It is made for beginners. The Google Adsense program is made for beginners. It has a simple interface and you don’t need to have any kind of knowledge to start making money with Google Adsense.

– All the information you need. Google provides you with all the information related to your site and your earnings. From impressions, clicks, and earnings.

– You only need an account, With one account you’ll be able to get ads for all of your web content and blogs.

Requirements to Earn Money with Google Adsense:

Like everything, there are certain very important aspects that must be taken into account to get money with Google. These are:

  • Your website must have a large amount of traffic since real income with Adsense is only achieved with large volumes of traffic. This is because Adsense pays for each click you generate, so it really is very low (depending on the theme and the CPC), therefore you will have too many visits to generate many clicks.
  • The content must be original and not copied. If copied or poor quality content is detected, you run the risk of being banned and losing all your income. Your articles should be 100% original, therefore avoid plagiarism.
  • Always select potentially lucrative topics. This is because Adsense advertising is ” contextual “, that is, ads will appear that are in line with the content you are talking about.

Example: If your site talks about mortgages, then mortgages and loans will appear, if you talk about shoes you will have advertising for shoes, and so on. Within the different topics you can talk about, some topics are more lucrative than others. For example, a blog about “lose weight” will have more profit than a blog about “mineral collection”. This is because there are more advertisers in the weight loss niche than there are in the minerals niche.

Recommended: Chrome extension for G. Adsense to check your earnings in real-time.

# 3 Steps to start making money with Google AdSense:

Step 1. The first step to start earning income with Google Adsense is to create an account.

Step 2. Once your account is created, you must create the ads. This is where you choose the ads you want to create, the sizes, the colors, etc.

Step 3. The third and final step is to place the ads on your website.

#How to Avoid Common Mistakes:

Every day I receive emails from blog readers who tell me that they are unable to make a profit with their blogs or web pages. And whenever I ask them what they have monetized with, most of them answer Google Adsense. Personally, I have been working with Adsense for several years, I have created an infinite number of micro-niches and blogs and although I was not lucky at first, I have always managed to profit from them.

However, like every newbie, I have made many mistakes that I could have avoided from the beginning. These same mistakes are the ones that most of those who want to start working with Google Adsense make. Many of the blogs and web pages I enter I always see the same errors. These mistakes will virtually price you cash. That is why I have decided to create this article in which I compile some of the most common mistakes that newbies often make. Avoiding these mistakes will help you increase your earnings and protect your account.

These errors are:

-Not reading the Google AdSense rules

The first error is, without a doubt, the most frequent and the one that brings more problems to many. If you are going to work with Google Adsense, you should know that you have to comply with its royalties. Not doing this implies a permanent ban on your account.

The first step in getting started with Google Adsense is knowing its rules. Your website or blog must obey a series of rules before it starts showing Google Adsense ads. Take five minutes and skim these rules rigorously to avoid future issues.

-Not having a defined theme on your Blog

This is one of the most common mistakes newbies often make. This error consists of creating a general blog, which talks about all topics, instead of creating a blog focused on a specific niche. Creating a general blog or portal brings you two problems. First of all, you will never be seen as an expert in a particular industry, and secondly, it will be more difficult for you to position your blog on Google, and therefore get traffic.

Therefore, if you are going to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, make sure it has a defined theme. For this, the best is micro-niches or multi-niches, since they focus on a specific problem, and in this way, Adsense will show ads relevant to the content of your blog. In my new guide, I talk about exactly how to find a micro-niche that converts well with Google Adsense and how to rank it on Google.

-Not knowing how to place Ads (and not testing)

Ad placement is one of the most important keys to making money with Google Adsense. A few well-placed ads may result in very low traffic CTR. If you don’t place your ads in the most visible parts of your website, they won’t get clicks.

Depending on the type of website you are managing (a blog, a forum, a micro-niche, etc), you should place the ads in certain areas. As you can see in this image, the darkest areas convert the best. The key is not to look at or copy other websites, but to do tests on your own website. See which zones have more CTR and which have less. Play around with the format and colors of the ads until you find what works and what doesn’t.

-Do not Use Ads in link Format

Are you using link ads? People don’t use these types of ads because they don’t like the way they look, but these types of links are the highest CTR unit of ads that Google Adsense offers. If you place these types of links just below the navigation bar of your website, it will appear that it is part of it.

Here’s an example:

-Do not use the Google AdSense Monitoring Panel

Google Adsense makes all kinds of data, dashboards, reports, and statistics available to us that help us to know the performance of the ads. A very common mistake made by newbies is to place the ads on their website, and not do any kind of follow-up on these ads. Many of them only log in to see how much money they have made today and very few actually test and improve their ads.

Adsense allows you to create tracking criteria, and tracking criteria for particular URLs. These options allow you to track the performance of each special page or ad that you have set up. Thus, when you access the income panel, you will also be able to see how much money each specific ad has generated, and each format. And these are some of the most common mistakes that are often made when monetizing a website with Adsense.

Most Effective Ways to Earn Money using AdSense:

In a past article, I explained step by step how to make money with Adsense. Today he wants to talk about some tricks that I have learned over the years working with this advertising program that will help you earn more money.

Here they go:

7 Tips to Make More Money with Adsense:

-Pick a Good Niche

Not in all niches, it is possible to make money with Google Adsense. The best niches are those that have a large number of searches (the more the better) since it is in these niches that there is a competition between advertisers. The more competition between advertisers there is, the more money you will get. Also, because Google Adsense pays you for the number of clicks that the ads receive, the more views your blog has the more clicks and the more money you will take.

-Produce Relevant Content:

Once you’ve chosen a good niche, you need to produce relevant content. This is essential to attract visitors to your website and generate thousands of clicks.

The relevance of the content is defined by the audience and can be combined in different formats, such as text, images, audio, videos, and presentations. The content can be created yourself or entrusted to a copywriter.

-Get Traffic:

In Google Adsense, what commands is the traffic. Once the relevant content is produced, it is time to start getting traffic. In this way, you will start receiving clicks and earnings from your blog. The main ways to attract visitors are organic searches (from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!), social networks (especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and other blogs.

-Select Ads Types

Google Adsense has different types of ads, such as banners, links, and searches. Banners can be graphics or blocks of text. The “search” type ads allow you to integrate a Google search engine into your blog and you are paid for the clicks received on the ads for this search. On the other hand, there are different dimensions. For the best results, it is important to use recommended formats, as they are the most used by advertisers.

-Place your Ads in the Right Places

After you’ve defined your ad types, it’s time to place them on your site. They can be placed at the top, bottom or sidebar of the blog, as well as at the top or bottom of posts. In general, the ads in the posts have higher click-through rates than in other places, but it is better that you do it yourself and see which areas have the highest CTR.

-Reduce Fees When Charging

Another important decision regarding Google Adsense is the way in which you are going to receive your money. In this sense, it is necessary to pay attention to both taxes and banks. This varies from country to country.

As for banks, the options vary according to fees and taxes. There are financial institutions that are familiar with this mode of reception.

-Optimize Campaigns

Once the campaigns are in progress, it is important to follow the Google Adsense reports. Doing this analysis can help you test ad types and sizes, as well as their position on the blog. Each audience has different behavior on the Internet and by optimizing your campaigns you can identify what works best for your blog.

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