How do I get Adsense approval with a blogspot blog?

I have two Google Adsense account ( but unfortunately, one of got banned, though it was my fault) and I was able to get both of them using a BlogSpot Blog.

In this article i want to share my experience of what I did and how you can also do the same thing to get a Google Adsense account.

The first step is to follow the rules and I will list them out below:

  • Google loves unique and high-quality content that is not copied, plagiarized, or copied from the internet.
  • try your best as possible to make each blog post to reach between 1000–2500 word count.
  • Put 2 to 3 videos in each blog post and one or two outside references that you link to.
  • Practise white hat backlinking in building dofollow quality backlinks to the blog. Have at least 15 dofollow quality backlinks.
  • Try as much to get at least 40 unique blog posts
  • Make sure to have this important pages showing at the footer clearly. These pages are contact pages, about page, privacy policy page, DMCA ( very important), terms of use, or service page. Make sure you have these pages.
  • And Lastly, you need to be patient, you need to let your new blog mature before approaching Google for the Adsense account. Even when you have implemented the above points, wait for 5–6 months before approaching Google. Sometimes, Google needs a credible candidate before giving out a free Adsense Account.

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