How to invest in a business


How to invest in a business is quite broad because there are still some specifics like whether or not the business is wholly or partially yours or completely someone else’s.

These specifics would make a little difference but whichever category you find yourself the general rule of thumb is you either invest money or time or sometimes, both. There is no way you will not at least do one of these if you want to be successful.

You want to invest your money in a business you are very sure of. Let me make a disclaimer here that this is definitely not professional advice but one from experience.

You will definitely need legal and financial or business advice from certified personnel. Even at that, you will still have to do your diligence in looking at the numbers because ‘numbers don’t lie before you put in your money.

By now you would have known that all that glitters not gold. This process sometimes may take a little while but trust me, it’s worth it so don’t rush it.

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You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you thoroughly carry this out. Imagine the program ‘shark tank’ with the sharks just investing in every business they are presented with without thorough weighing, the show would not have lasted this long because the ‘sharks’ would have become ‘dolphins’. In this game, you can’t afford to let emotions cloud your judgment, it could be very costly.

Every company has administrative and technical departments and to invest time in either of these areas you will have to possess a very rare skill set.

Investing time means that you have a ‘know-how’ that is very much sort after that a business owner would be willing to split his profit or company with you.

For instance, chefs Ramsey of ‘hell’s kitchen or Oliver of Oliver’s twist, two popular tv chefs would partner effectively with any restaurant just because of their skills and followership. In other words, you have to be ‘bringing something tangible and much needed to the table’.

So if you have money, invest your money into something you believe in. If it’s skilled, look for businesses your skills could help and negotiate with the help of professionals.

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