how to reactivate suspended adsense account


Outside of a successful appeal (and successes are rare), the one way you can “return” to AdSense under your control is to understand the distinction between business and personal accounts. It is possible to set up an account under the legal business identity, and return to the program, even if you are the company’s primary shareholder.

However, in my opinion it is folly to try to set up a fake business, or even a go through the process of actually incorporating and structuring a business primarily for AdSense. If you are serious about building an Internet advertising focused business, the best approach is to do that without worrying about AdSense (or the lesser online brokerage alternatives). If you develop really good content and suitable sites you can earn money from direct sales and possibly affiliate programs. It is how I earn most of my money.

However about a decade ago, my business account was disabled because of sloppily managed websites. I cleaned up the sites and then placed the code from my personal (Blogger) account on the business websites, and payments started arriving. I validated that this “return” was within the rules when, after a year answering questions on the AdSense help forum, I experienced a major sabotage attack, survived it and received an invitation to become a Product Expert (Top Contributor).

Many others have tried to set up fake businesses and ended up disappointed — because if the bots associate the “new” account with the old disabled account, it will be disabled, as well. However, it is quite within the rules to follow the business account strategy and, from experience, it is the one legitimate way to return to the program that you can control if you fail on appeal.

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