Is google adsense worth it

Google Adsense will always remain profitable as long as google continues to make profits.

The whole story about google search engine, admin and cloud services, mobile tools and more, are targeted towards being able to deliver quality service to adwords users.

Adwords and Adsense are not just the icing on google’s cake. They are the cake in itself.

Every details google gets from people, is targeted towards charging users to advertise their services to you.

Adsense is the platform that makes this possible, definitely, google will not stop in trying their best to make the program stand out.

There are hundreds of other ad networks you can see on the internet, but none of them can pay you as much as google adsense, I mean, talk about a single person clicking on an ad on your site, and you get a whooping $50

You will not spend any penny in setting up adsense, but the real work is to find out how to get the traffic that makes it lucrative. So the main question is: can you still get high traffic on a blog or website? The answer is yes – but very few people succeed at it.

There are many benefits of using AdSense in your blog-:

  • A huge number of publishers and advertisers are in the network. presently, over 10 million websites are using it.
  • Top level of security, safety and transparency for both advertisers and publishers. This is one of the best feature of AdSense.
  • Many ad formats.
  • A great earning opportunity
  • You don’t need money to start your AdSense, It is totally free of cost.

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