What are ad extensions in google adwords

The 7 Most Effective Google Ad Extensions are:

  1. Sitelink Extensions: They allow you to add short snippets of information that essentially act as CTAs, which when clicked will take users to key pages of the company’s site. When used for campaigns designed to attract users early in the buying cycle, they should contain links to introductory information, like “About Us” pages and information on key products or services. Use them to show users the information they’re most likely to look for when making a purchasing decision and highlight what makes you different. The only time you definitely shouldn’t use a site link extension, is when you have a single-page website.
  2. Call Extensions: Call extensions are another popular one, and they work by featuring your business’s phone number at the top of the ad, next to the site URL. On desktop, this will just show up as a phone number that users can enter in to a mobile device; on mobile, this number is actually clickable, and with only two taps someone can be calling your office.
  3. Call Out Extensions: Call out extensions are a little different from other options on the list, and they’re a somewhat newer type of extension. They create CTAs within your ad, but they’re not clickable. Instead, they simply work by giving you more room for information you want to share in the ad itself.
  4. Structured Snippet Extensions: Structured snippets allow you to create hyperlinked, clickable headlines that send users to key pages on your site, and feature a quick description under each one.
  5. Location Extension: Location extensions are another option that are pretty much exactly what they sound like, and they add your business’s address to the bottom of the ad, along with your operational hours if you feature it. When users click, they’ll be taken to a Google map showing your location, and they can instantly get directions to where you are.
  6. Price Extension: Price extensions allow you to quickly showcase how much a given product or service costs, listing an item, linking to it’s specific URL, and then featuring pricing and qualifying information.
  7. App Extension: App extensions are mobile-only extensions, and they’ll feature the name and logo of your app next to a clickable “Install” CTA at the bottom of your ad. These extensions are created to convince users to download your app, offering a new way for you to keep them engaged. Since it’s mobile-only, this will make the extension incredibly valuable for users who may not want to navigate a full site.

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