What are some of the best email marketing tips and trick

According to the recent condition of Marketing Report published by Bizible, email marketing is still the reliable channel used by business to business marketers to make sells, gain new leads, and engage current customers.

We also find out that over 58% of grown up Americans check their email in the morning and up to 77 percent likes to get promotional messages through email.

For those B2B marketers who are in the Saas business sector, it’s commonly known that upsells are their major source of revenue, according to research done by Marketing Metrics, they reviewed that upselling to an existing clients is 50% more profitable than selling to new client.

In this content, I have listed out my experiences and the best email marketing tips you can implement to grow your business.

Firstly, you have to consider this things while writing email:

  • When writing email, the words used in the content plays an important role.

  • Try to make sure that the subject of the email will be very much attracting to be able to catch the attention of the reader.

  • The body of the email should not be different, it must be related to the subject line.

  • Include limited documents in the email.

  • Write the email in a way that the receiver will know that the email is actually writing for him or her.

  • Address the person by using Mr., Ms., Mrs. and their individual names correctly spelled. It is important to maintain an updated and useful data base with detailed information.

  • When writing an email, most of the time we get distracted or get engaged in any other work, the email gets automatically saved in draft folder.

The best email marketing tips for upselling to existing customers

Understand the customers need:

Always have it in mind that upselling and engaging existing customers is still a power way of marketing, to keep the customers engage and interested in an upsell, you should go back to the buyer persona to find out their specific wants and create a stream for each of the buyer personas to make sure that the correct message is been send to the right person at the proper time.

Communication is a proper way of achievement:

Human being are programmed to strive for something that gives them a sense of achievement. include this strategy into your marketing by creating an upsell as a way to achieve additional goals and targets.

when your customers develop the feeling that they are progressing in using your services or software, it will push them to look for more upgrades, even if the upgrades will require more purchase.

Highlight personal and business value:

Both new clients and current customers want to know that an upsell will provide them with additional personal and business value, you have to be very clear regarding additional features and benefits offered in an upsell.

Use a real person’s name in the sender field:

Most email service providers have sender field editing enabled. Consider using the name of the individual sending the email when you are answering your customer’s question.

Personalize your emails:

Using your customer’s name will make them feel appreciated and it will make them feel like you are communicating with them. Don’t take this tip for granted because it will help you establish a better relationship with your customer.

Make use of available preview text:

the text that appears after the subject line needs to stand out as it offers more specifics about the urgency effect created by the subject. Leaving it blank is a missed opportunity since it offers a chance to give your subject line more context.

Keep it short:

Not even you like to read long emails, so make sure you cut straight to the point. Make your emails under 25 sentences.

Always put the reader first:

Form your sentences like this: “Moisturize your skin with our brand new skin product,” instead of this “Our new skin product will moisturize your skin.” Mention the customer first which will make them feel like they are most important.

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