What is remarketing in Google Adwords

Google Adwords re-marketing gives you the chance to hold your users’ hand as they walk through your digital store.

Tips for audience user flows:

1. Create specific action based triggers for all users that clicked your ad:

  • Users that bounced immediately
  • Users that engaged: time on page, pages visited, scrolls, etc…
  • Users that fired a conversion pixel

2. Check and test marketing offers as you push users through your conversion funnels. Studies state, and I agree, that a minimum of 8–10 impressions is the digital standard, before a user is convinced or confident in purchasing your product. Build flows that engage, your content will persuade or kill your product.

a. Goal: email marketing

  • Frequency up to 7: eBook download
  • Frequency up to 14: Send to Success Stories
  • Frequency up to 21: Expiring Offer, 24 hours….
  • Frequency up to 30: White paper offer, goal is to collect email

b. Goal: Purhcase

  • I normally spend more on these leads, as they are hotter than any in your conversion cycle
  • Days (0–3): Spend high to show your ads everywhere. This is a crucial point for a big chunk of your conversions. The impulse buyers are a most to understand. Study your analytics, learn how the day 0–3 audience behaves on your site.
  • Days (4–7) Slow spend, focus on customer testimonials and Expiring offers. Try to understand your audience, focused offers always perform best with impulse audiences.
  • Days 7+ Focus on collecting email for email marketing flow.
  • Always retarget on multiple ad platforms. Minimum should be Facebook and Google.

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