What is the best tool for managing multiple WordPress installations


There are many tools available for managing multiple WordPress installations. Few of them involve CMS Commander, Manage WP, WP Remote, Jetpack Manage and more.

Before selecting the best or going for the best it would be good to lay a comparison based on various parameters that should decide why the tool stands out in comparison to others.

Since I have used the above mentioned tools in the past, out of verified experience I would like to compare them on the basis of-

  • Ease of use
  • Plug-in Management
  • Special features & updates
  • Over all reliability

Best tool for managing multiple WordPress installations

1) Ease of use – Manage WP wins here hands down because of its straight forward UI and easy of navigation. Not that CMS commander and the others lack the same style.

But CMS Commander is a partially huge system or at least it looks like. WP Remote on the other hand is just half a point behind Manage WP in this comparison.

2) Plug-in Management – Any plug-in today that wants updating pops up on your dashboard. With Manage WP you have the freedom to gradually manage and activate or deactivate any of your sites or even modify publishing.

I would strongly rate Manage WP higher on this scale. Jetpack is as good as Manage WP when it comes to plug-in management. The only restriction in Manage WP is that you cannot change the unique settings for each plug in. Which is why you will have to go to the regular settings of the dashboard.

3) Special features & updates – CMS Commander rates high in this for me. Along with their basic set of features like bulk plug-ins and installations, they also enable bulk posting for you, google analytics integration, affiliate management etc.

This was you can get a holistic campaign management integration for your WordPress site with CMS Commander. At par with them would be WP Remote who give you a special snapshot feature before you go out and make your website live.

Jetpack too stands tall with its multiple security update feature but at times it could get a little frustrating. Manage WP just about does okay in this area since they don’t have any special features in particular.

4) Over all reliability – On the whole , Manage WP is the most reliable with great security features. It will only be unjust to rate the others down but when you want a tool that is easy to use, manage and integrate with other plug-ins and give you a safe back up restore with data protection, I would go with Manage WP.

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