What is WordPress multisite – Advantage and disadvantage


WordPress gives you the power to control multiple websites from one installation. Using this type of configuration is called WordPress multisite.

The most important reason why WordPress multisite are cool is the fact that each site can have its own content, users, plugins and themes.

With WordPress multisite it is simple to manage multiple sites since there is only one installation to manage.

Is wordpress multisite bad for SEO?

WordPress is known for being SEO friendly and the multi site platform is an option for managing multiple sites from one dashboard.

However, you are faced with a higher issue regarding SEO when it comes to multiple websites.
First and foremost think about your SEO strategy.

  • Is the content of your top level domains related to your “master” site or is it different?
  • Do you want to rank each TLD independently (i.e. geo targeted content)?

Once you have a clear search engine optimization strategy set you can then move onto evaluating what will work best for multiple sites. One of the advantages that WPMU offers is that you can apply a theme across all sites.

The SEO setback to WordPress multisite is that the “website manager” does not have all the control of what is published across the “child” sites and this can generate an SEO problem and can be cause for penalization.

We all know that content is king and it rely heavily on SEO thus having control of the quality of content on the child sites is very good for your SEO strategy.

In few words, WordPress multisite can have some SEO advantages but you need to analyze the bigger picture and have a good eye view of your SEO strategy so that you can make the perfect decision when it comes to SEO for multiple websites.

How do I migrate a WordPress multisite?

All in one wp migration is the bestest option for this purpose,… You can simply do this in following steps.

➡️ first install this plugin on ur current site

➡️ Download your site on this Plugin

➡️ Install same plugin on new site

➡️ Upload your download file to wp migration tool

Are there any disadvantages to using wordpress Multisite?

Here are some disadvantages to using wordpress Multisite:-

  1. Not all plugins work on multisite. Commonly most plugins are basically created for single site and this can lead to conflicts.
  2. Single site administrators cannot install/uninstall plugin and themes, this limits site administrators power.
  3. Hacker attack or just a downtime on your server will affect all the sites.
  4. A data breach will affect all the data of all the sites.
  5. Big traffic on one site may affect the speed of all the other sites of the network, for bandwidth reason but also because all sites share the same database.
  6. Some hosting plans support multisite.
  7. If you need to keep users on different sites, Multisite can lead to security risk, due also to eventual leaks in plugins/themes.
  8. If a theme or a plugin is updated, it is updated for all sites of the network that use it. Change versions between sites could be complicated.
  9. If the number of sites increases, to manage it within a multisite installation could be frustrating.
  10. There could be some reasons that make you want to change a multisite installation into different single sites installations: for example if one site becomes too big, or just the number of sites increases too much making the whole system slow. To switch from multisite installation back to single site is hard to achieve.
  11. In case of testing new plugins/themes features, for a single site administrator is difficult to work because he cannot activate/deactivate or install/delete it since this can be done only through the Super Admin user.
  12. All sites share the same user profiles. You cannot create for example the same user two times for two different sites on the network. Besides logged in users are logged in for all sites.
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