Why Google Suspends an AdSense Account – Top 7 Reasons for Ban


Though many websites, SEO forums have mentioned that Google AdSense will not ban your accounts, people still complain about getting banned from AdSense. This is little bit surprising to me, as many bloggers told me that their AdSense was banned recently. It’s now time to play safe from our end, as we never knew the improved TOC of Google AdSense. If you have an AdSense account already, your first online task might be to check whether everything is working fine or not. AdSense has been the main source of income for many bloggers through out the world, and none of them would like a face a lifetime ban.

Why Google Suspends an Account?

If you are applying a new AdSense account, you should read my previous article on get AdSense approval within 3 days, which will surely help you to get your AdSense account approved instantly. The following article will help you to keep your account in good stead, and will guide you to keep your account away from suspension.

You might be knowing the fact that Google bans your AdSense account without prior notices or warnings no matter whoever you are, and whatever you do. Google doesn’t ban AdSense accounts without any reason, as they are very sensitive about AdSense Terms Of Conditions.

The majority of the billions Google earns come from AdWords, and they don’t want to entertain any scam business in their networks. Google doesn’t want their advertisers to feel bad about the integrity of their program, or to feel insecure about the each penny spend in AdWords. Understand the Terms of Service for AdSense, and follow them strictly. Now lets dive into the article which helps you to understand how a Google Adsense account will be banned.

Click Coercion:

You are not allowed to fool visitors into clicking on your ads by mistake, or by chance. Yes, I’m talking about overly ads, movable ads, jumping ads, or any form of ads which makes your visitors to clicks ads by mistake.

Click Fraud:

Click Fraud is just like you know. You are not advised to click on your own ads, or telling others to click on them. Understand that Google algorithms are very intelligent and smart than you know, and may not require much time to dictate you. You cannot fool Google for much longer, as they know how it actually works for you and for them.

Made For AdSense (MFA) Sites:

Made For AdSense websites doesn’t contribute any value to their audience, or which have very little content in their sites These websites are created with the sole reason of hosting ads in most pages, and just want the visitors to click on ads. Always be sure to create high quality informational sites for people, which can get your some money and online authority. There are many scraped or copied content websites in Internet, but not all are fortunate enough to experience the real money from AdSense. Remember that if your website has no value, it might be considered as MFA and end up with suspension.

Incentivized Traffic:

You are not allowed to send incentivized traffic to AdSense enabled pages. This means you cannot use paid traffic such as PPC as well as traffic exchanges, to send visitors to read your content. Many people sign up for paid traffic websites, where you need to check out each others pages for traffic. don’t engage in these type of cheap techniques to get money from AdSense, as you will not be entertained for much longer.

Low Quality Websites:

Google has grow more smart in penalizing AdSense accounts on the basis of individual sites. If any of your sites have poor quality articles, such as autoblogging, single keyword focused sites, then be ready your Google AdSense suspension instantly. This happens to most Affiliate marketers, as they generate websites using single keyword phrases like weight loss, yeast Infections and other micro niche sites. If any of your websites fall under these categories, its better to remove them and focusing on quality content and authority.

Note: If you are using both AdSense and AdWords account at a time, there is a chance of getting banned in both the networks at a time. So if your AdWords account is banned, it wont take much time to ban your AdSense too. Be careful in maintaining two different accounts for your AdWords and AdSense services.

Content Violations:

There are many types of categories and content which will get you banned from AdSense instantly. don’t publish pornography, hate, drugs, cheating, hacking aids, weapons, alcohol, tobacco content in your website.

Copyrighted Material:

Google AdSense TOC, states you cannot use copyrighted content in your website. So don’t use article which you don’t own, or which you don’t have rights to use. Many people either try to steal the data directly, or rewrite the copied content with little modifications. Both these practices should be avoided, as quality is the most important factor to rank high in Google.

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