wordpress ecommerce – Choosing the best solution for your website


One the best WordPress eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. It gives variety of options for developers to customize websites. There are many other platforms and ready to use themes available on WordPress. Still, they all find it hard to match the standards set by WooCommerce. If you have the time to research more, you can go deeper and find specific themes to help you set up your website in the best possible way. The main question is what is that you want to sell on the eCommerce website. If it is a standard online retail website, then WooCommerce is the best.

Apart from WooCommerce, the following are other good platforms:

  1. BigCommerce:

Little bit similar to WooCommerce, it also equipped with all the essential features. It needs little amount of maintenance and can be scaled up easily. However, it does not give as many integrations as WooCommerce and has a yearly threshold limit of sales.

  1. Shopify:

A one-stop platform for all your eCommerce needs, Shopify is growing quickly to compete with WooCommerce. It is simple to set up and use and offers tons of features. One setback is that it makes you pay a subscription fee.

  1. MemberPress:

It gives you the features of selling subscription-based digital products and services. It is highly recommended if you are going to be offering services or pay-per-view content like Netflix or online courses like Coursera.

  1. Easy Digital Downloads:

If you want to sell digital goods, then this is a viable solution. It comes loaded with features that enable you to sell these goods nicely. It is also easy to integrate with any theme or WordPress website that you want.

  1. Cart66 Cloud: This is a low-cost and light version of WooCommerce that gives all the essential features to get started. It is suitable for newcomers who do not wish to spend much or have a significantly less product database.

Choosing which platform to use to set up your WordPress eCommerce website is a big decision to make. So I would recommend that you run thorough due diligence. If you have limited development knowledge or time, go with the industry-standard solutions which are easy and quick to implement.

Guideline to choose best WordPress ecommerce theme from themeforest:

Use product filters to see best sellers, newest sellers, best rated themes and price range to find the best one suited with your needs.

Design: Check the demos, do you like it ? If not , then find a different one.

Compatibility: Is it compatible with the page builder you are familiar with? If so go ahead!

Functionalities: Is there expected features available to meet your needs i.e types of payment gateways, membership control, content access restriction, etc.

Customer feedback: It is also a great factor to forecast how smooth your journey will be.

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