How should a young person invest money


Being young has a lot of perks when it comes to investments. If you are ready to invest, then there are several opportunities for you. Moreover, long-term options are the best at this point. You can easily plan for the next 5-10 years and create a fund that will yield a high return down the line.

However, blindly investing an unplanned amount of money in risky places can only spell disaster. And no one wants that. That is why there should always be enough research from your own end, even if someone with a lot of experience recommends something.

  1. Start working with robo-advisors. These are automated tools that you will configure according to your preferences. The profit won’t be big, but you will definitely make a few extra bucks.
  2. Buy dividend stocks. The share market is usually risky for investment. However, if a stable company offers dividend stocks, you can eventually re-invest them when they rise up in price.
  3. Peer-to-peer lending. You can lend money to other people by using particular tools. The return will be backed up by a certain interest per cent that will be your profit.
  4. Personal development. You can improve yourself now to get the profit later. Find a tutor, sign up for courses, buy materials, and progress to be able to earn more later.
  5. Invest in your employer’s 401(k). That’s a long-term investment, but your $100 now can multiply and help you significantly later.
  6. Start a business. Some projects require a minimum investment. For example, online gambling offers various franchise options where you rent the tools and pay for them later.
  7. Enrol in dropshipping with China. You never know what can become trendy here and is already manufactured in China. Dive into thorough research, order, and make a profit.
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